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Meet The Team

What sets us apart is our relentless commitment to deliver a superior experience by focusing on quality and integrity.

Cynthia Pincombe
Sandy Cooley

Cynthia Pincombe

Sandy Cooley

Vanessa Nyhus

What if we told you “A better life is waiting for you”, and we have the science to back this up?

We are a group of professionals with varying backgrounds who share an interest in wellness solutions backed by science. Our passion is simple - we have an intense desire to help people of all ages get more out of life.   


Like all consumers we face a myriad of choices for natural therapies to help each of us manage our unique daily wellness challenges. Our initial approach was to incorporate high quality hemp ingredients to create an enriched experience in support of our individual maladies. We began working with two premium hemp distillates that stand out among mainstream cannabinoids, Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabinol (CBN). The benefits of these hemp products are backed by substantial research which supports the promise to aid in managing pain and stress, as well as sleep disorders.


During our relentless pursuit of enhanced natural healing solutions, we came across Ox66™ a revolutionary patented solid form of oxygen. We learned that Ox66™ could be delivered via the circulatory system and there was substantial research which validated the therapeutic benefits including wound care, disease relief and recovery. 


We were blown away by the extensive research, data, and the potential to impact people’s lives. Solutions for Health is one of the first companies to make Ox66™ available to the public. Ox66™ is infused in all of our gummies and topical creams. Our vision is to make these powerful ingredients accessible through various delivery systems in order to help people achieve their personal wellness goals.  

A better life is waiting for you.

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