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Are you missing out on your optimal life because of stress, anxiety, fatigue or persistent pain?

We understand, and it's our passion for your wellness that drives us everyday to create supplement-rich edibles and nutraceuticals that support the fulfilling life you deserve. 

Solutions for Health products promote:

better sleep
relief from minor discomfort

enhanced focus
calming & relaxation

A couple of gummies help manage the burning sensation in my knee.

- Randy S.

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Support your body's natural balance with the highest quality edible imaginable!

  • Not your regular hemp gummy

Our gummies are infused with combinations of CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol) and Ox66™, depending on which one you choose.

  • No 'Highs'

THC is the compound in marijuana that gives you the high sensation – All of our products are THC free!

  • No 'Hashy' Taste

Developed by a long line of confectionary experts, our edibles use raw CBG distillate to ensure a truly amazing flavor experience. No 'hashy' taste – just pure deliciousness. 

  • There's A Gummy For Everyone

Choose from seven different flavors. We even have after hours and sugar-free varieties!

  • Quality Guarantee

Our products d not contain insecticides, pesticides or contaminants. Get the Certificates Of Authenticity here.

  • Edible Innovation

We offer the first edible to incorporate Ox66™. You can't get these anywhere else!

What is Ox66™?

Every human, animal and plant require oxygen to thrive. Ox66™ is a non-toxic, lightweight powdered form of oxygen, designed to relieve hypoxic conditions in all living organs, tissues and cells. Ox66™ is extremely stable and maintains its molecular properties when mixed with a variety of solutions, liquids and materials making it an ideal addition to any product.  


Ox66™ is the only solid oxygen product which is water soluble as opposed to originating from a gaseous state. The solid oxygen can be consumed when mixed with water or applied directly to the outside of skin.   

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